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Control de invitaciones por medio de codigos QR

Lector de placas inteligente

Bitacora y muchas otras funciones

App movil para residentes donde pueden controlar invitaciones, mensajes, pagos y mas

Pagos de alicuotas o expensas desde la app movil

More than 3,785,677
Electronic Bitacora records


More than 474,054
QR invitations with record and traceability

No more waitings!

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Send invitations

Create QR code invitations and share them on social networks


Receive ads from your urbanization and home service companies


Send unique QR-code invitations to your friends and family through social networks. They will be able to go inside your urbanization by placing the code in front of the reader.

No more flyers or papers at your door. Receive ads of your urbanization, home-based businesses and any other type of information needed instantly in our ads section.

Receive notfications in your smartphone about entry and exit of your friends and family,also receive notifications of invitations sended by your childrens to get in conctact of what your childs do

Control the invitations of your children thanks to the parental control module. You can accept or reject invitations created by any of your dependents.

Security first. The license plate of the vehicles that enter and leave your urbanization is registered to maintain security. Only administrators can view these logs.

Pay your aliquotas immediately, with the payment button integrated to the app, you can pay immediately with your credit or debit card

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